Toy Lines

The photos on my pages are actual sew outs on real fabric 

not digitized images from software. 

My designs are digitized by hand to minimize jump stitches and color changes.  

My goal is to give you a pleasing sewing experience. 

These designs have no jumps in most, a very minimal amount in others.


3.74x1.44in  4,131 stitches 3.51x3.88in  5,117 stitches 3.76x2.78in  6,114 stitches 3.86x3.75in 7,259 stitches
3.85x2.97in 4,923 stitches 3.91x3.21in  5,972 stitches 3.85x3.85in  7,710 stitches 3.84x3.54in  5,757 stitches
  3.47x3.89in  6,947 stitches 3.89x3.30in  4,377 stitches  
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