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Greeting Cards



Exclusive Outdoor Singles Exclusive Outdoor Singles Exclusive Outdoor Singles Exclusive Baby Heirloom Exclusive Linework Singles Roses Cookie Coasters  

FSL Eggs


FSL Eggs

Woodsy Chickadee Exclusive  

Tick Tack Toe




 FSL Hearts Necklace

Playing Card Coasters Wild
Love Sampler CC Keeper Live Life Hanging Exclusive

Flag Pins


Lighted Flag Project


 TeaBagHolder Coaster


FSL Sewing Tags

Sewing Frames
Little Black Dress Exclusive

FSL Cats


FSLace Pups

Ornament Singles Quilts  Line Exclusive

Tribal Feathers

Feathers Exclusive

4 Towels

The following are designs in Categories for easier selection 
APPLIQUÉ    and    In The HOOP
  Colonial Ladies Cookie Coasters Ornament Singles Ornament Singles      
Lighted Flag Project Playing Card Coasters Exclusive     FSLace cats     Exclusive     Santa Ornament Exclusive

 In the Hoop Prim Coasters 2

Tea For Two  Exclusive  

FSL Winter Faces


Santa Letter pouch

Valentine Tick Tack Toe Pouch Cause Tags Summer Tags Seasons Tags For the Cause tags Holiday Tags OneByOne Door Hangers

CC Keeper

Garden Friends Birthday Fun Exclusive  

Prim Coasters

Flip Flop Fun Gift Card Holders Gift Tags HB Projects
Pockets Appliqué or Filled Quacked Appliqué Fabric Eggs Trick or Treat Egg Covers Lacy/Appliqué Hearts Exclusive  

Prim Ornies

Appliqué Monkey Shines   Kittens Appliqué Fuzz Balls Exclusive  

Abby's Quilt 


  Treasure Boxes

Mint Tin Covers Appliqué Farm
WannaB Spotted Ladies Baby Dinos  Hummers FuzzBall Golf Sky Lights Sunbonnet Ladies Game Pockets
Finger Puppets Tiny Scrappy Holiday Christmas Things Prim Coasters     EXCLUSIVE

Snowman  Border

Felt Socks Exclusive 

Snowbuddies Projects

Pocket Baskets

  FSL Winter Faces


FSLace Pups


 TeaBagHolder Coaster

Oriental Bridge Scene Exclusive

 FSL Hearts Necklace

Flag Pins  
Clocks      and    3D
  Clocks Alphabets 3D Hummingbirds 3D Flowers 3D Bugs & Butterflies    
Fairies    and    Heggies
      EXCLUSIVE      Baby Fairy         EXCLUSIVE       Flutter Fairy               EXCLUSIVE               Baby Fairy                Exclusive                Sugar Plumps              Exclusive                Sugar Plumps          EXCLUSIVE         Angelic Bears EXCLUSIVE     Henhouse  

  FSL Winter Faces


FSLace Pups

              EXCLUSIVE               Baby Heggie               EXCLUSIVE             Pigmy Heggies Exclusive

 TeaBagHolder Coaster

Flowers   and   Birds
Exclusive Linework Singles Exclusive Baby Heirloom Roses Exclusive  FSL Eggs Alphabets His and Hers Leaf    

Baby Faces

Rose Frames Button Covers Violets Woodsy Chickadee Prim Kitchen Strawberry Colonial Ladies
Melodies In RED Mom's HB  Exclusive 

Eagle Sketch

Lady Buttons Summer Blooms Daisy Motif Flower Swirls Buzzy Buggs
3D Bugs & Butterflies Tree Frogs Froggie Fun EXCLUSIVE     

Henhouse 2



Lacy Flowers Gentle Flyer Floral Singles
Plaid Ladies Violet Stars Year of Hummers 2005 Hummers Tiny Circles Doves Grapes Real Birds
Rubber Duckies Happy Critters 1 Happy Critters 2 A Bit of the Orient Lady Bug Balloon Grandma's Heirlooms Summertime Sewing Frames
For A Cause
  For the Cause tags 4 Towels Tiny Pink Ribbons PR Snow Pink Ribbon Tribute Alphabets  
Free Standing Lace
      Exclusive FSL Eggs Exclusive  FSL Eggs      
  Exclusive     FSLace cats     Exclusive FSLace Sewing Tags  Exclusive     FSLace Pup Ornaments Exclusive     FSLace Snowflakes Exclusive    FSL Hearts Necklace  Exclusive        FSL Winter Faces FLS Dog tags
    Exclusive            Valentine Tick Tack Toe  Prim Snowmen Finger Puppets Exclusive

 FSL Hearts Necklace

In the Hoop Tags  

FSL Eggs

      Gift Tags Egg Covers Fabric Eggs Finger Puppets Exclusive

FSL Eggs

Patriotic and Misc
  Lighted Flag Project Flag Pins Exclusive


Exclusive     FSLace cats     Exclusive     FSLace Pup Ornaments     Playing Card Coasters Clocks
Fall and Prom
Flying Monkey Ginger Wreath Little Black Dress Trick or Treat Fall Lights            Exclusive In the Hoop Prim Coasters 2 Gift Tags          
Christmas and Winter
Santa Letter Pouch Holiday Singles Ginger Wreath Exclusive        FSL Winter Faces Lighted Snowmen EXCLUSIVE       Snow Cubes Snowbuddies Projects PR Snow
Exclusive     Santa Ornament Exclusive     Pets  Gift Tags  Pastel Snowmen          4x4 & 8x8   EXCLUSIVE      Black Bears Christmas Christmas Square Christmas Rounds EXCLUSIVE             Crystal Angel 
Ornament Singles  EXCLUSIVE Snowman  Border Scents of the Season Felt Socks Shaded Ornaments Christmas Things  EXCLUSIVE       Penguin Lights Christmas Seasons
Holly Collection Prim Snowmen Christmas Patches Gingerbread Designs Winter Friends Ginger Kitchen Tiny Scrappy Holiday Snowman Countdown
Cookie Coasters Ornament Singles Ornament Singles          
Lighted Designs
    Lighted Flag Project EXCLUSIVE       Penguin Lights Lighted Snowmen Fall Lights    
 Exclusive Linework Singles Exclusive Baby Heirloom Eagle Sketch Woodsy Chickadee Dragons Rose Frames Horses  
Love Sampler Exclusive In the Hoop Prim Coasters 2 Tea For Two Cactus Lines Vintage Baby Faces Redwork Prayer Celtic Lines Moon Babies
Prim Coasters Prim Lines 1 Vintage Pups Vintage Birds Ginger Wreath Lovely Sunbonnets Baby Lines Live Life Hanging
Feathers Toy Lines Sunbonnet Nights Winter Friends Color Toys Sewing Frames Exclusive Tribal Feathers Garden Lines
Patriotic and Military Things
Lighted Flag Eagle Sketch Sleep Well USMC Mom FLS Dog tags OhhRa Flag Pins Clocks
    Exclusive Outdoor Singles          
  Dragons 1 Cookie Coasters Roses Exclusive Outdoor Singles Exclusive Outdoor Singles Exclusive Outdoor Singles  
Strawberry Wild Rose Frames Little Black Dress Button Covers Exclusive Princess-Prince-Star Colonial Ladies Clocks
Exclusive  Holiday Pets Live Life Hanging Exclusive Tribal Feathers Flag Pins Exclusive 4 Towels Exclusive FSLace Sewing Tags Playing Card Coasters Prim Kitchen
Sewing Frames Quilts on the Line Dress For Success Flying Monkey His and Hers Leafy Princess Music Fresh Fruit
Seals Baby Dino Redwork Prayer Baby Lines Stick Monkey Mint Tin Cover Colorworks Toys Pea Pods
Lacy Dolphins Moon Babies Fruit Tiny Heirloom Hearts Raised Linen Hearts EXCLUSIVE Old Friends Say It Sunbonnet Nights
Misc Singles Discovery Bugs Coffee Times Oriental Bridge Scene Lacy Hearts Toy Lines Mousie
A Simple Life Heartland Cuties EXCLUSIVE   Black Bear Sleepy Time Unicorn Fantasy Rear View Sunset Animals Surfer Dudes
    Clocks Sewing Frames Quilts on the Line Exclusive FSLace Sewing Tags    
Horses Feathers Exclusive Tribal Feathers SPIRIT BEARS Animal Spirits Cactus Lines  Mesa Dreams Red Hatties
Native Writings Southwest Singles Wind Spirit Colors of the SW Exclusive   Animal Totems Northwood Native Native Remembering Clocks
Bonus designs with every Purchase  

Please pray for all of the brave men and women that serve to keep our country free.   Continue to pray for all our military all over the world  to come home safe!

  Semper FI!





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